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Financial success can be within your reach! The unique LONGEVITY CORP compensation plan is like a highway that will lead you to financial freedom. If you take time to consider it, what are the things you most desire as a result of a business endeavor? Do you want steady, reliable income to meet your daily needs; a source of income that will keep on giving through the years? Or perhaps you seek maximum return for little risk, and the hope of a bright and secure financial future? If these are the things you are looking for than LONGEVITY CORP is right for you.

LONGEVITY CORP’S compensation plan is newly developed and the most individual plan in the market. Every distributor has the potential to make money. Every one works together. It is like a family; we value and reward the participation of every member. You will truly become a valuable player on the team, and with a little effort on your part the potential for gain is monumental.
Dedication and patience will "pay-off" literally as you become part of the LONGEVITY CORP family. Becoming a distributor and taking advantage of the one-of-a kind compensation plan detailed in this brochure could be the most lucrative decision you have ever made!

LONGEVITY CORP Uni-level Override Commissions:

Active Distributors will earn Uni-level Overrides Commissions on sales in their down-line based on their titles as follows:

Level Distributor Baron / Baroness Viscount / Viscountess Earl / Countess Marquis / Marquises Duke / Duchess
Qualify None Two and Three sponsored Four and Five sponsored Six to Nine sponsored Ten to Fourteen sponsored Fifteen or more sponsored
1 - 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
2 - 6% 6% 6% 6% 6%
3 - 10% 10% 10% 10% 10%
4 - - 6% 6% 6% 6%
5 - - 6% 6% 6% 6%
6 - - - 5% 5% 5%
7 - - - 3% 3% 3%
8 - - - 2% 2% 2%
9 - - - - 1% 1%
10 - - - - 1% 1%

If a distributor is not active, the bonus at that title will roll up-line to the first active distributor within the up-line. If the distributor is active, but is otherwise unable to receive a bonus (for example, an active Baroness is ineligible to receive a bonus on orders placed on their 4th level), the bonus at that level will not roll, but will be retained by the company.

Leadership Bonus:
Distributors who qualify for title Duke will share equally in 1% of the companyfs total order volume (Company Pool) for the commission period.


As all new distributors place their first order, they are placed in a single-leg tree. Once they are placed in this single-leg tree, they remain in this tree forever, except if distributors do not order any product consecutive six months then these distributors may be terminated from the distributor. That means there are no competitions between lines but win-win solutions. Every distributor helps others synergistically.

Placement Rules
1. Order Date, 2. Set Purchases, 3. Single Purchase.

One-nary Commission
Each of the three One-nary commission pools will pay 1% the total Company Volume within the commission period. In order to participate in each pool, a distributor must be qualified (title Baron or higher and active) and have earned at least one point n that specific pool. A distributor may participate in multiple pools within the same commission period. The amount each participating distributor receives will be equal to the amount of the pool, divided by the total number of shares earned by all participating distributors for that pool, times the number of shares that distributor earned in the pool.

Point Calculation
There are three separate pools, or gstagesh that distributors may participate in. A distributor completes their first stage when they become Baron/Baroness and they earn points after the second sponsore for every 10 distributors. Viscount/Viscountess will get second pool, and Earl/Countess or higher will get third pool.

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